Picture showing an open book and a book cover with cats.

Land Of The Rising Cat

Manami Okazaki’s latest book ( with many of my pictures) is on sale now. The “Land of the Rising Cat” 😻 highlights Japan’s feline-themed shrines, temples and tourist destinations. It shows Japan’s ongoing love affair with cats and makes great addition to any cat-lover’s coffee table.  This is the third book I was asked to contribute…

Winter pond illumination at Nabana no Sato

Bing.com wallpaper

Another one of my images has been purchased by Bing.com   * The image is now available as a download from Bing.com Wallpaper Gallery HERE *   The picture was taken with Nikon D810 at the Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination show in Kuwana, Japan. It shows a view on the pond and “Hikari-no-taiga” (great…

White and gold logo on a navy blue background

The Imperial Hotel picture

A photograph of mine was purchased by the Bloomberg News for their article about an American architect, interior designer and writer Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright designed more than 1000 structures and buildings of which 14 were designed for Japan, a country that he described as “the most romantic, most beautiful”. The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo was…

Nabana no Sato Illumination

Microsoft’s winter wallpaper

    A picture of mine purchased by Microsoft last December is now available as a free desktop wallpaper download for your computer or mobile phone on Bing.   The picture was taken at “Nabana no Sato Illumination” which is a theme park located on the island of Nagashima near Nagoya city. From beginning of November until…


Healthy Kids – Community Challenge booklet

* The Canadian Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has purchased a photograph of mine for their “Water does Wonders” booklet. *     The “Water does Wonders” campaign encourages kids to drink water instead of drinks with added sugar. According to their website: “Water is the natural choice for kids to stay hydrated and healthy.…


Naked Man Festival

* Every year on January 13th of the lunar calendar, a peaceful and sleepy town of Inazawa, turns into the craziest place in Japan.     The Naoi Shinji  (儺追神事) also known as Naked Man Festival, held annually in cold winter weather, is one of the oldest Japanese festivals dating back to the Nara Period…


Nagoya Castle in Travel and Leisure magazine

  Travel and Leisure magazine recently published my picture of Nagoya Castle’s keep in an article about most visited castles in the world. According to Chris Glenn, the Nagoya Castle for over 350 years, was the biggest, the best designed, the most gorgeous and well preserved of all the castles in Japan, it had been…


My pix in Jocks&Nerds

  A picture of mine has been published in the spring edition of “Jocks and Nerds” – a quarterly men’s style magazine with a focus on history and culture, music, sport, photography and books. I took the picture of a kimono enthusiast riding an Estrella motorcycle at the “Kimono de Jack” event in Ise, Japan. You can…


“Kimono Now” book published!

A year ago, back in spring 2014, I was contacted by the author and journalist Manami Okazaki to shoot a series of kimono pictures for her upcoming book “Kimono Now”. Since I knew of her previous book about classic Japanese tattoos, I was very excited to take the assignment. Together we have visited a number of…