Picture showing an open book and a book cover with cats.

Manami Okazaki’s latest book ( with many of my pictures) is on sale now. The “Land of the Rising Cat” ? highlights Japan’s feline-themed shrines, temples and tourist destinations. It shows Japan’s ongoing love affair with cats and makes great addition to any cat-lover’s coffee table. 

Picture of two open books and Nikon Z6 camera, showing pictures of Maneki Neko cat.
Picture of two open books showing pictures of Maneki Neko cat.

Picture of the cover page and open book with pottery cats photograph.
Two open books showing pictures of cats.

This is the third book I was asked to contribute my pictures to, previous two books were: “Kimono Now” and “Creative Sole”.

I greatly enjoyed visiting Tokoname, Seto and Takaoka to photograph pottery cats, Maneki Neko displays, amazing Japanese artisans and Doraemon’s hometown.

Giant Maneki Neko cat in Tokoname shopping mall.
Artisan painting a pottery cat
Manga character Doraemon and his friends covered in snow in a park.
In the description of the Land Of The Rising Cat Manami writes: “In a country with millions of cat owners, it’s not unusual to find felines in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and museums; being taken for stroller rides, or even serving as train stationmasters. But how did this cat mania start? Why does it continue to grow? And are there really Buddhist funeral services for cats?”  If you want to find answers to those questions I recommend you purchase the book here…